Sunday, April 28, 2013

Been working on a project for several years off and on. some pieces have been shared here and some on the Book of Faces. The feed back from professionals and fans has been a real driver. Some people have pushed me way out of my comfort zones and caused me to grow as an artist. This last project has been a work in black and white. The project is finished as far as the art part goes unless there are any last hour needs. I am looking forward to finding color again however I will never be able to set the black and white on the shelf.
Any way here are some highlights from my journey into black and white dinosaurs.


  1. Holy crap these are awesome. I really like the view of the ankylosaur from above.

  2. I like how the raptors are going after the iguanadon in a group. I can picture the rest of the scene playing out in my head.

  3. Sweet line art. Very cinematic too. ;D