Thursday, March 12, 2015

A smidge more art. Dragon, dinosaurs and a bug for fun.

These are all acrylic paint on canvas board. the photos are from my phone sooo the color ma be a bit off. It is nice to step away from your comfort zone when painting. Bugs have always amazed me in their structural beauty and complexity. Painting them is amazingly fun and challenging.
The internet has loads of photos to use for reference but getting outside and finding a subject is the best!!!
The snow is melting. go outside and take your sketch book with you.


Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Four More full color all done with a limited pallet of five colors.

More color illustrations. The first picture is a fun piece to try to spot all the critters. Six dinosaurs, one turtle and a few pterosaurs. The others are images that I have posted as unfinished in their finished state.
I have been asked by the museum to do a Tiktaalic painting for an upcoming exhibit so stay tuned for the sketches and pencil layout. I will try to post the painting in progress just for fun.


Monday, March 2, 2015

These are pieces that I finished early last month. The bottom is a detail of a painting that was still in progress but has since been finished. I have been geeking out on reflective water even if there are just hints of it in a picture it can be fun and challenging to get it to work. The top image is a large painting with a bit of reflective water and many animals. It took a while to do. There are several things going on that where fun. The dust kicked up by the masses of walking dinosaurs was a fun effect as was the glistening guts of critter being fed on by the young rex. You may also notice a repeating theme in the paintings. I love fungus that grow on decaying wood. I have always loved the look and even the smell of fungi, fallen trees and ferns.



Sketches at the Museum

These where done last weekend at the museum for Paleo- Palooza at the Academy of Natural Sciences. The image on top was for one of my daughters school friends for her birthday party which was a "dinosaur fairy princess party"!! how cool is that. I want a "dinosaur star wars skateboard party".
The two black and white images are done with an audience watching and each takes about an hour to do.
I am going to be doing the same thing for an adult event at the museum "Adult Safari Overnight" this coming weekend. I am excited to be doing this with an all adult audience. Should be fun.
The images are blue sharpie marker sketch lines with black sharpie finished ink.
If you have never sketched large like this there are a few things to remember. put up a few sheets of paper to keep the marker from bleeding onto the wall (Cause Mom or Wife or Husband will kill you if you mess up the walls!!) Stand up while you draw so you can step back often to see how it is all working. use lots of blue lines to get the under sketch right, they will fade back as you use the black marker to do the finishing lines. Don't worry about getting the sketch right just keep tweaking it until you like it the blue is just a guide.
I like to do this sort of sketching when I am working on a new animal. It lets me think with my hands to work out anatomical stuff as well as mood and setting.

Have fun!!


Been having crap tons of fun in the studio and at the museum this past month. This is a photo of a dinosaur near and dear to my heart. It is the first dinosaur that I ever excavated. It is called Suuwassea and is in the collections here at the Academy of Natural Sciences. This painting is my first color reconstruction of Suuwassea. Just last night I put the final highlights on it (not shown here).

The painting is a bit more painterly than my more graphic style. I will be doing this a bit more in the future as it has been really fun to play with one subject for an extended amount of time.