Saturday, August 11, 2012

Getting off my bottom.

Noisy bar in Philadelphia. Good friend says when the hell are you going to put your art on a website or a blog or some thing? Not that I haven't been thinking about this for a long while but what the hell.
Then all of a sudden he and his girl friend, also a good friend of mine, have me surrounded and they won't take the usual blab about how busy I have been and all that BS. So here is me... Now shadap, the two of you. Also thanks for the kick in the posterior.

Also I am severely dyslexic so look for all the fun signs of that and don't feel you have to point them out.

Any way here is some of my art.

Gorgosaurus relief


  1. This is the first entry for this blog. I hope to fill it full of my art and musings, what ever the hell those are, in the next few days.
    Please post questions and or comments "be gentle it's my first time punk".
    Any of the art on this sight is copy protected and can not be legally reproduced without my concent. Any art that is not mine on this blog is here with permission from the artist and will be credited as such so you can contact them and ask to reproduce or purchase the art in question and all that stuff.
    Thanks yall.

  2. This is awesome Jason! I know that you will have thousands of hits on your splendid art!

  3. Dude - I'm so glad you've finally done this. Can't wait to see everything.